Our traditional Sunday service is 9am in the church

Sunday School is 10aM IN THE CHURCH

Our Contemporary Sunday service is 11:15 AM in the DOCK

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I pledge to strive to follow Micah 6:8 in all aspects of my life:

  • To act justly and pursue justice by standing with and speaking out for those who are vulnerable, mistreated, in need or exploited;
  • To practice kindness and mercy in every interaction, even with those with whom I disagree;
  • To act with humility, surrendering my will to God’s will, acknowledging that I may not always be right and should listen more and speak less.


And, I will seek to inspire others to do the same.

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Love God. Love Others. Change the WOrld.

Whether you're young, old, single, married, single again, with or without children - no matter where you've been - we invite you to experience a difference at St Marks Church! Here at St. Marks we are not a bunch of perfect people, but rather we are down to earth, ordinary people who want to live a life on fire for God. We understand that life is complicated. Living a life for God is not always the easiest thing to do in the world today. We want to help you and others find a personal relationship with God through Christ Jesus and to help grow your faith.

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Our worship services (at 9:00 am & 11:15 am) are Christ-centered and designed for everyday people who are looking to grow closer to Jesus and who are interested in learning how to apply biblical principles in everyday life. Life is too short to just "make it through." If your heart longs for an authentic experience with God and to learn about the love of Jesus Christ without artificial religious hurdles, then St Marks is a place you'll love to call home.